About the company

Poimukate Oy (Inc.) is one of the oldest roof and exterior wall cladding companies in Finland. The roots of the company go back nearly sixty years and its experience of ready-made cladding nearly as long. Along with comprehensive selection of steel claddings and roof accessories, we also manufacture smart facade covers. Long experience in the field guarantees comprehensive knowledge of the raw materials. Hence, we manufacture our products using only high-quality coated thin steel plates.

Important part of the landscape

Poimukate Roof Package is a high-quality Finnish steel roof, which has covered Finnish homes in extreme conditions for nearly sixty years. The steel roof of Poimukate is high-quality, long-lasting and fashionable choice for your home. We offer a range of profiles and colours of guarantee-coated steel plates to suit various houses and surroundings. The ease of installing, and the lightness of the plates enable their use in new buildings as well as in renovations. Modern Finnish production ensures fast delivery, and the use of high-quality raw materials offers competitive pricing. Read more

Long-lasting and timeless facades

The facade system manufactured by Poimukate Oy offers long-lasting, individual and timeless covers for the outer surface of buildings. The facade coffer (en ole varma onko oikea termi) and lamella ensure a smart exterior. Steel cladded creased plates can be used either to complement the coffer facade or as an integral smooth surface on its own. Read more